2121 Northwest Hwy ste. 100, Garland, Texas 75041, United States


Fire. Flavor. Family.

Fire. Flavor. Family.

Fire. Flavor. Family.Fire. Flavor. Family.

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Our Story...

 This restaurant represents a passion project for both my son & I. I was in the car industry for 20 plus years but have always loved to barbecue. I am the father to five beautiful and accomplished kids, but I have only one son and I am grooming him to be my protege. I began cooking back in the 90's when my cousins would come over and we'd all cook on one of those 55-gallon drums, split in half and turned into a smoker. We would stay up all night standing by that smoker. I just always really enjoyed feeding people — brisket, ribs, chicken. I liked it so much, I started participating in pit BBQ competitions. I'd bring my son Joseph Jr. and we'd go around to various competitions in my truck, where we'd stay up all night, feeding the fire. We have been experimenting and fine-tuning our recipes, and won multiple competitions. People say that if you live in Texas you got to know good barbecue and that is all I am trying to bring to my patrons... good Texas BBQ.